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Allergy Videos Resource Launched

This is just a brief post to announce a new service for our website visitors. We have added a directory of allergy related videos. We feel it is a great addition to the information that we provide in our guide. The full directory of allergy related videos is here. Whereas we will provide periodic picks […]


Peanut and Nut Free Snacks

As we start off the new school year I thought it would be helpful to provide an idea list of peanut and nut free snacks. I am sure that many of us are starting to learn the rules and regulations of our schools. We have discussed it many times the challenges and the fears associated […]


An Egg Allergy : Your Responsibility

Food allergies can affect many lives. I have written about a variety of foods and ingredients that can cause allergies. An egg allergy is one of those in the top 4 that are usually mentioned, milk, fish, peanuts and eggs. Until January 2006 manufacturers were not required to identify what products contained eggs which made […]


Dairy Allergies : What No Cheese?

Let’s face it, my sister has a hard life. She has been plagued by allergies much longer than I have. Not only does she have the normal airborne type of allergies but she also suffers from dairy allergies. This is a sad diagnosis for a cheese lover but she has found ways to adapt. She […]


Soy Allergy : Common Food Uncommon Allergy

When I think of soy I don’t think that it is a common type of food ingredient. I typically associate it with Chinese food and soy sauce so I thought a soy allergy shouldn’t be that big a concern. Unfortunately for those that have a soy allergy it is contained in more foods than I […]


Yeast Allergy : Good for the Waist

If you are a glass is half full person you may think that a yeast allergy is the greatest thing since sliced bread, please forgive the pun. If you are not that type of person you might not be happy with your food choices. It might not matter that the low carb diet brought about […]