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Lake Water Allergies – An UnExpected Allergy

Lake water allergies are not something most people think about as they are taking the leap off the rope going in or just wading with their kids to get cool on a hot summer day.  Nature is an interesting thing since for some of us it can cause unexpected reactions.  Lake water allergies also sometimes […]


Fruit Allergies and OAS

Fruit allergies and OAS go hand in hand.  OAS stands for Oral Allergy Syndrome and refers to allergic reactions to fruit, nuts and vegetables.  This tends to develop in adults with hay fever otherwise known as seasonal allergies.  The correlation doesn’t seem to make sense but fruit grows in and on the earth which is […]


Managing Your Sun Allergies

Sun allergies can be confused with many things both relatively ranging from benign to actual life changing diseases.  When most people get a rash after being out in the sun they think that maybe they have a sun burn.  Even if they only spent a little time in the sun they may make that assumption.  […]


Beer Allergy – Say it Ain’t So

Do you think you have a beer allergy?  If you don’t know a lot about how beer is made you may think it doesn’t make sense but beer is full of a bunch of different ingredients that can possibly cause an allergic reaction.  If your symptoms have been relatively mild like congestion and a runny […]


Treatment of Peanut Allergy Evolves

Recently there has been a lot of news coverage regarding a new treatment for peanut allergies.  A study of children with peanut allergy has been conducted by Dr. Wesley Burks of Duke University Medical Center.  The initial study was small at 33 children with the main approach being oral immunotherapy. The children were challenged  with […]


Seasonal Allergy Hell – Not Your Imagination

Have seasonal allergies affected you this year? I was looking at the latest videos posted regarding allergies and found a recording of Robin Roberts from Good Morning America talking about what appear to be pollen allergy statistics for 2006. Though the data is dated it got me thinking about how the last few years have […]