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Dogs For People With Allergies Are Being Breeded Daily

Dogs for people with allergies do exist. Many people these days would love to have the companionship provided by a dog of their own but suffer from allergies that prevent them from this pleasure. If you would have asked me if there were really options for people who suffer from dog allergies a few years […]


Managing Dog Allergies: Basic Strategies

Is man’s best friend becoming your worst enemy? People who suffer from dog allergies can feel pretty conflicted. On one hand they love their canine friend but on the other they suffer with a variety of symptoms that can make their lives miserable. If you aren’t sure whether you are allergic to dogs or want […]


Cat Allergies How to Cope

Our feline friends can sometimes be closer to us than many people yet if you suffer from cat allergies this relationship can be challenging. How do you cope? Pets have become such a great part of our lives. They provide comfort in times of loneliness and a hobby that helps to pass the time. Though […]


Dog Food Allergies – Scary Consequences

Dog food allergies have jumped to the forefront of the news recently due to the Menu food’s dog food recalls. What you feed your pet unfortunately can be the difference between life and death. Food allergies are typically associated with people but pets can suffer from adverse reactions and intolerance too. As with young children […]